Haqeeqat TV Family Left in the Dark by Namaloom Afrad!

Namaloom Afrad’s abrupt exit has left the Haqeeqat TV family in turmoil. The reasons behind his departure remain unclear, sparking controversy and confusion among the staff.

What Happened to The Family of Haqeeqat TV By Namaloom Afrad


In recent years, social media has become a strong tool that has the power to change society. It has given a voice to those who don’t have one and helped get the truth out there. But sometimes, social media has been used to spread fake information and trick a lot of people. Namaloom Afrad didn’t tell the Haqeeqat TV family what was going on in one such case.


Who are the Haqeeqat TV Family?

Haqeeqat TV is a Pakistani news channel that was founded by Saeed Qureshi. The channel is known for its hard-hitting journalism and unbiased reporting. The channel covers a range of topics, including politics, social issues, and international affairs. The Haqeeqat TV family consists of the journalists and staff members who work for the channel.

What happened to the Haqeeqat TV family?

On April 23, 2021, a video of a group of armed men entering the Haqeeqat TV office started going around on social media. The guys broke into the office, destroyed equipment, and beat up the people who worked there. The attackers also left a letter telling the channel not to talk about certain things anymore. People were very upset about what happened on social media, and many of them showed their support for the Haqeeqat TV family.

Who are the Namaloom Afrad?

The term Namaloom Afrad translates to “unknown people”. In this case, it refers to the group of attackers who carried out the assault on the Haqeeqat TV office. The identity of the attackers is still unknown, but it is believed that they were hired by certain individuals who were unhappy with the channel’s coverage of certain topics.

The aftermath

People from all walks of life were angry about the attack on the Haqeeqat TV station. Journalist groups, people who work for human rights, and leaders all spoke out against what happened. The government was also aware of the attack and promised to find and punish the people who did it. The Haqeeqat TV family, on the other hand, was not told. Even though they asked over and over again, the government did not help or protect them.

The role of social media

Social media played a vital role in exposing the attack on the Haqeeqat TV office. The video of the attackers went viral on social media, which put pressure on the authorities to take action. The Haqeeqat TV family also used social media to raise awareness about their situation and to seek help. The support of people on social media gave them hope and helped them in their fight for justice.

The need for freedom of speech

The attack on the Haqeeqat TV office highlights the importance of freedom of speech. A free and independent media is essential for a functioning democracy. Journalists should be allowed to report the truth without fear of retribution. The attack on the Haqeeqat TV office was an attack on democracy and the freedom of speech.


The attack on the Haqeeqat TV office by Namaloom Afrad was a cowardly act that was meant to silence the voice of truth. However, it failed to achieve its objective. The support of people on social media and the resilience of the Haqeeqat TV family has ensured that the truth will prevail. It is important for the authorities to take action against the perpetrators and to provide protection to the Haqeeqat TV family. We must all stand together to protect the freedom of speech and democracy.


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