How to File an Online FESCO Complaint

Check and Print Wapda Electricity Online FESCO Bill

  1. Retrieve Your Electricity Bill Information:
    • To access your electricity bill details, you have two options: Enter your 14-digit reference number or the 10-digit customer number.
  2. Verify Your Information:
    • Confirm the accuracy of your personal details and account information to ensure precision.
  3. Initiate the Search:
    • Once your information is verified, simply click on the ‘Search’ button.
  4. Access Your Duplicate Bill:
    • Your duplicate electricity bill will be promptly displayed on the screen. From here, you can choose to either print a physical copy or save it digitally for your records.

And here’s the additional information about the Faisalabad (FESCO) electricity bill:

Understanding Your FESCO Electricity Bill:

Your Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company (FESCO) bill is a compilation of various charges, each serving a specific purpose:

  • Electricity Cost: This is the core charge for the electricity consumed during the billing period.
  • Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA): FPA accounts for fluctuations in fuel prices used by energy companies to generate electricity from oil. It can vary monthly based on prevailing fuel costs.
  • Tariff Rationalization (TR) Surcharge: TR Surcharge bridges the gap between NEPRA-set tariffs and government-approved tariffs. Its goal is to reduce the power subsidy in the national budget and maintain consistent electricity rates across the country.
  • Financing Cost (FC) Surcharge: The FC Surcharge aims to collect funds for servicing Power Holding Private Limited’s debt.

Obtaining Your Duplicate FESCO Electricity Bill Online:

Previously, acquiring a duplicate copy of your FESCO Electricity Bill meant a visit to a customer service center, often involving long queues and waiting times. However, modern technology has simplified the process:

  • You no longer need to physically visit a service center. To access your duplicate bill, scroll down and click the “CHECK YOUR BILL” button below.
  • This allows you to conveniently download or print your FESCO electricity bill online.
  • Besides the e-bill, you can also check the FESCO billing schedule and the FESCO meter reading schedule through the provided links for added convenience.


The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is a publicly-owned entity responsible for the distribution of power in the regions of Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, Toba Tek Singh, and Chiniot inside Pakistan.

About The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO)

FESCO is responsible for the distribution and provision of electricity to approximately 4.96 million customers residing within its designated service area, which encompasses a population of over 26 million individuals. This responsibility is granted to FESCO through a Distribution Licence issued by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), in accordance with the Regulation of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Electric Power Act of 1997 (NEPRA Act). The geographical service region of FESCO encompasses the districts of Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, T.T Singh, and Chiniot.

FESCO exhibits exemplary operational performance within the power distribution sector in Pakistan, characterised by minimal distribution losses and a commendable bill collection rate. The primary service area of the organisation is Faisalabad, which is commonly referred to as the “Manchester of Pakistan” due to its significant textile businesses.


NameDesignation & OfficePhone OfficeCell #
Bashir AhmadChief Executive Officer , FESCO Chief Office041-9220184
Rana Muhammad AyubGM/Chief Operating Officer , FESCO Chief Office041-92201500345-1500443
Bashir AhmadChief Technical Officer , FESCO Chief Office041-92202320345-1500808
Sadaf NazChief Customer Services , FESCO Chief Office041-92205760345-1503549
Muhammad RafiqueChief Engineer (Operation) , FESCO Chief Office041-92200520345-1501431
Muhammad NazirChief of Audit , FESCO Chief Office041-92201810345-1500686
Shoaib RasheedChief Engineer Thermal , FESCO Chief Office041-92300130304-4242650
Aamir Mehboob IlahiChief Engineer (P&D) , Chief Engineer (P&D)041-92201790345-1500206
Shahbaz MahmoodChief Engineer (TS) , Technical Services041-93300170345-1501014



FESCO Complaint Number Tracking for Online FESCO Complaint

When a FESCO online bill complaint is submitted, a Complaint Number is assigned, which can be tracked online, and their status can be checked

Rather than being obliged to complete a tangible paper document for any of these duties, individuals now have the option to complete an electronic application form online and electronically submit it to the relevant authorities using their laptop or mobile device, so eliminating the need to physically visit the designated office. After the registration of your complaint, you will receive a unique FESCO Complaint number. This number can be used to monitor the progress and status of your FESCO complaint.

How to file a FESCO Online Complaint

You need to follow the steps given below to file an online complaint :

  • Click on the Button given above
  • After you click on the Button, an E-Form will appear. You must fill all the * marked fields as they are mandatory. The Rest are optional.
    • Among the Mandatory fields, you must:
    • First, Enter your Name in the topmost field.
    • After entering your name, Enter your Address.
    • Next, select your country and your city.
    • Then, Enter your Cell Phone and CNIC Number
    • Lastly, you must select an agency and an agency sub-office
  • If you want to attach any document, you can attach it by clicking on the Choose File button.
  • Then you must read the affidavit and then check the I Do Affirm the Affidavit checkbox if you do solemnly affirm the mentioned points.
  • Lastly, after entering the security code, you must click on Send to register your complaint.

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