PTCL Duplicate Bill (PTCL dbill) – Download & Print Duplicate PTCL Bill (2022)

In terms of overall revenue generated, which is about US $3.4 billion, PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) is on 57th number in the ranking of largest telephone operating company.

According to PTA statistics reported in 2018, PTCL holds about 2,4 million of the 2,6 million fixed-line local customers and estimated 105,000 annual wireless network loop subscriptions as the leading telecommunications service provider in Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan does not own PTCL entirely as it is predominantly comprised, i.e. 62%, Etisalat owns 26% of PTCL’s shares respectively and 12% of its overall shares are held by the wider populace.

PTCL is a company that provides many services, such as, Evo, and other Wi-Fi networks. It is the telephone network that is most commonly used in households, workplaces, schools and virtually all areas. PTCL provides its users with fast bill download services.

These days, PTCL offers online billing and duplicate bill systems. So you just need to enter your phone number and account ID to conveniently collect your internet or fixed-line bill. You can download it from our website and give it to any of your local banks.

For the purpose, you might have to install pdf software sometime, for instance, Acrobat or Foxit. Then, you will enter your PTCL d-bill of your required number, the PTCL number and customer ID.

You may send the PTCL duplicate printed bills in all banking sector of your country.  The bill is typically intended to provide the consumer with copies of the bill for personal and professional use. In some situations, the bill is not delivered to your address and you must pay the bill in accordance with your monthly period and division.


As the subscription is monthly, therefore, we must pay the bill on a monthly basis. You would be penalized for additional costs if you lost your bill by mistake or if your payment was late. I am here with a bundle of information necessary to escape you from those difficulties.

Duplicate Bill

You can create the duplicate bill by going into the bills mode and select the bill you want to duplicate. Select the drop down and click on “Clone”. A new window bill will open. You can change the details you want, and then click on “Save”.

Online Facility by PTCL

Online payment facility PTCL offers consumers with the payment of their online payment on their Business, EVO, Smart TV and DSL bills. It saves time and considered as the best way for users. People can check information about the bill in pdf format on the PTCL duplicate bill account.

Online Bill Checking

This is a full bill payment method. You don’t have to stress that PTCL has a solution for this problem, which is very useful to the customer because you check your account whenever and wherever. Not only PTCL bill, you can also access the entire history of your payment in advance, or the amount you paid for it. Y

ou can easily open your Internet browser with this option in your fingertips and enter your web browser’s URL, or click here to open PTCL Duplicate Bill. After this link was opened a page would appear and two choices were made.

  • Enter your city code-free PTCL landline number.
  • Enter the bill ID that is written on the previous bill. Try finding it conveniently on Bill’s front page. Then, your bill can be paid online or from any shop near your home through mobile or e-banking.


You will be automatically disconnected if you could not pay the bill for the last Three months. You can call the 1218 helpline number or visit the directory page if you have any issues.

PTCL Billing Department

Telecommunications authority Pakistan abbreviated as PTA is liable for telecommunications institution and service in Pakistan. It promotes the availability throughout Pakistan of a broad range of high quality, reliable, economical, and competitive mobile telephony. Under the PTA banner, PTCL works.

PTCL provides its clients with various facilities in order to satisfy their needs and maintain the company up to date to meet customers’ requirements. The options differ from transaction online to Evo services.

  • By entering your fundamental private information, you can easily build your own PTCL online account.
  • PTCL’s official website provides a Bill inquiry facility.
  • By e-mail service you can obtain your bill.

PTCL Bill complaints

The Company constantly developed its management and web-based electronic billing system for its customers. PTCL support lines and grievances are Pakistan’s best mechanism, but they are also looking to serve their customers by offering them the best online administration, not just on their broadband or telephone lines.

PTCL SMS Complaint Service decreases waiting time, you can report complaints via phone. The data is only sent to 05 1218 1218 (CMP landline number: LL for Landline and BB for broadband).

Example: CMP 04264738750 BB

You can also send “Help” to 05 1218 1218


In Pakistan web services have developed exponentially in recent years and better deals are now available at affordable prices. The taxation of Internet prices in the world, however, brings a little difference. If a Punjab subscriber is charged according to the rate, a Sindh subscriber is charged higher.

This is attributable to the GST introduced on packages over 15,500 rupees in Sindh Province through Sindh Revenue Board. The withholding tax of 10 percent is also charged for the cost incurred above 1000 rupees.

Sindh charges the sum reasonably by local service providers, especially post-payment clients. In order to avoid the inflation of GST total package rate, some internet packages priced at 1600 rupees in Punjab are reduced to 1500 rupees in Sindh.

You need to know about them so that you can see what you are paying for. Three postpaid notes below, we have received from Karachi at and extracted information for your information.


I have evaluated a 2 Mb Unlimited of a recent PTCL bill. The charges are 1549 rupees and after including other charges, the amount you pay is 1854 Rupees.

The charges are as followed:

Billed Amount = Rs. 1,854

W.H Tax = Rs. 121

Sales Tax = Rs. 361

Arrears = Rs. 4

Total = Rs. 2,340

When we have split the amount of the sales tax with the amount paid, we have a tax rate of 19.5%. This suggests that PTCL paid this tax the right amount. Yet withholding tax could not be clarified.

The Rs. 121 amount is less than what Billed Amount or DSL Charges should have been paid. With the 10% tax for Rs. 1854, the real value of the invoice is lower. Rs. 1855 This cannot even be conveyed to PTCL members, so it is beneficial for the customers if they are paid less.

PTCL Packages

PTCL provides its users lightning-fast data speeds and uninterrupted Internet connectivity, which does not limit downloads or uploads. PTCL internet packages include PTCL DSL, EVO and CharJi packages. PTCL has a broad variety of monthly internet packages tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

Landline Ptcl services are provided in Pakistan almost everywhere.

The currently available packages details are as followed:

PTCLPTCL 1mbps Economy Package1030 daysRs. 599
PTCLPTCL 2mbps Economy Package1530 daysRs. 750
PTCLPTCL 250mbps Unlimited Package


Unlimited30 daysRs. 1000
PTCLPTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 20 GB Data Package2030 daysRs. 1000
PTCLPTCL 250mbps Unlimited Package3030 daysRs. 1000
PTCLPTCL 1 Mbps Student PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 1299
PTCLPTCL 2mbp’s Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 1450
PTCLPTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 50 GB Data Package5030 daysRs. 1500
PTCLPTCL 2 Mbps Student PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 1549
PTCLPTCL 4mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 1700
PTCLPTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 75 GB Data Package7530 daysRs. 2000
PTCLPTCL 8mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 2150
PTCLPTCL 4mbps Triple Play BundleUnlimited30 daysRs. 2150
PTCLPTCL CharJi Evo Cloud & Wingle 100 GB Data Package10030 daysRs. 2500
PTCLPTCL 15mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 2650
PTCLPTCL 25mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 3200
PTCLPtcl Broadband 4mbps + Charji Package20030 daysRs. 4000
PTCLPtcl Evo Car-Fi package1530 daysRs. 4000
PTCLPTCL 50mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 daysRs. 5000



Q: How do I search my PTCL bill without ID?

A: To access their landline/broadband information, customers need a phone number and account id. To verify your billing, Evo users need MDN and ESN. Call 0800-80-800 for assistance with Account ID, MDN and ESN details.

Q: How can I verify my bill information for PTCL?

A: Go to only. To download the d bill, enter your phone number and PTCL account id. Wherever and whenever you can check your bill. You can review not only the bill, but also your entire PTCL payment history.

Q: How do I know the number of my CNIC PTCL?

  1. Compare your cell phone/tablet with *8484#.
  2. Select Choice ‘4’ if you would like to know the CNIC system number.
  3. Pick ‘1’ if you’re a Pakistani (Local/International/Dual Holder of Nationality).

Q: How do I know my password and PTCL username?

A: Open a “192.168” web browser and type. To access the modem, 10.1″ is required. The next window pops up; username “admin” and password are written on the bottom of the modem (default password is last 5 digits of MAC address).

Q: How can I make payments online for BSNL landline/broadband?

  1. Specify your number of account.
  2. Enter STD code number.
  3. Please enter the bill or the number.
  4. Choose your favorite bill of payment promo codes and earn Cashback & other deals.
  5. Choose your chosen payment method i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Paytm or Net Banking.

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