The myODEON application provides instant access to a world of film.

The utilisation of the myODEON application enhances the overall efficiency of one’s movie attendance. Disregard the act of obtaining tickets and waiting in line for popcorn. Experience the convenience of immediate reservation, prompt provision of refreshments, and a direct path to your designated seating area. To access the services provided by ODEON, users are required to own either an Apple or Android smartphone and download the myODEON application.

Intro about ODEON mobile app

Check out the newest films, the biggest hits, the fun ODEON Event Cinema and a lot more. Learn more about the movies you like by reading about them, watching trailers, rating them, adding them to your list of choices, and telling your friends about them.

It’s very easy to find showtimes and buy seats. Check out what’s playing at your best movie theatre. With just a few clicks, you can safely book your tickets and choose your spots.

Have you seen anything else? You can also add pictures to “MyODEON” so you can pick out what to watch next. Our ODEON app also has a service that will tell you of the films you’ve reserved.

You can get the ODEON app for both ODEON movie theatres in the UK and Ireland. Why do you want to join Limitless? So you never miss a movie, you can use our app to book your seats from anywhere.

No matter where you are or what time it is, the ODEON app lets you go to the movies.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts or problems with our app. We will always try to fix any problems and take your thoughts into account for the next update. If you have anything to say, please email or with the subject line “Android app” and your thoughts.

Odeon app download

By downloading and signing up for the free myODEON app, we can make your trips to the movies more enjoyable.

You may create a list of your preferred theatres, view showtimes, and make reservations with a single touch. Stay on top of the latest movie news and make sure you never miss a timeless film. Get the red carpet treatment and enter to win exclusive prizes.

Streamlined, instantaneous online reserving
Updated film information optimised for your iPhone or Android
When the hottest tickets go on sale, book them right away.
ODEON’s unique contests, discounts, and coupon codes
Lists of films you intend to watch

My Limitless ODEON

Improve filmmaking using myLIMITLESS.

For just £14.99 per month*, you can watch as many of our films as you’d like.

There are many wonderful perks that come with membership.

Unlimited access to all of our films Special sneak peeks at new releases only available to members
Save 10% on various beverages and foods.
Also, the now-reduced 3-month minimum term is only applicable to monthly payments.


  1. Convenient Booking: The app allows users to easily browse movie listings, check showtimes, and book tickets from their mobile devices, providing a convenient way to plan and purchase tickets for films.
  2. Ticket Discounts: ODEON often offers special promotions and discounts for app users, making it a cost-effective way to enjoy movies in their theaters.
  3. Seat Selection: Some versions of the app may allow users to select their preferred seats, providing them with control over their cinema experience.
  4. Advance Booking: The app may enable users to book tickets in advance, ensuring they can secure seats for popular movies or showtimes.
  5. Exclusive Offers: Users may receive exclusive offers, promotions, and rewards through the app, including loyalty program benefits for frequent moviegoers.
  6. Accessibility: The app may offer accessibility features, such as closed captioning and audio description, making movies more inclusive for all audiences.
  7. Movie Information: Users can access information about movies, including trailers, synopses, cast, and reviews, helping them make informed choices about what to watch.


  1. App Performance: Like many apps, performance issues, crashes, or bugs may occur, affecting the user experience.
  2. Compatibility: The app’s compatibility may vary depending on the device and operating system, potentially limiting its availability for some users.
  3. Data Usage: The app may consume a significant amount of data when browsing and booking, which could be a concern for users with limited data plans.
  4. Limited Coverage: ODEON theaters are primarily located in the UK and Ireland, so the app’s usefulness is limited to those regions.
  5. Membership Required: Some features, such as discounts and loyalty rewards, may require users to sign up for an ODEON membership, which could be an inconvenience for occasional moviegoers.
  6. User Reviews: User experiences with the app may vary, and some users may encounter issues with usability or customer support.


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