Whatsapp Business Money Making Secrets

I’ll guide you as using whatsapp business and it’s menu How you earn for yourself? And make it best way to earn Why whatsapp honors made Whatsapp business? Basically whatsapp is mostly using For friends and family While whatsapp business is made for business men For earners So from today make a mind that you use whatsapp For friends and family And separately use whatsapp business for business

So for this you have a special number If you want to use your personal number you can also use it So this is our normal whatsapp You found this menu here And this is our whatsapp business app In it you found an extra tool or extra menu As the name of business tool So first of all I guide you that how you can use this business tool Then i guide you that from where you get customers From where you get orders How you take people on this business profile You will not get success over night Do this work, that work With one click, copy, paste Or opening of account And earned thousand of dollars I’m not that such fraud person I guide properly, and teach properly I tell proper way That how you will work? So first of all look and learn carefully That how you can use whatsapp business tool and business menu Business profile is on top Here gives the business name Give contact number Wright shorts description of your business And from whenever you will online on your whatsapp business Note timing of every day From whenever your business will open Set it as you want Or change it as you want

And then you have physically shop or point So give the address here Give e mail here If you have any online store So you can also give URL here And next is catalogue, I guide it to you later And then you find facebook and instagram option here If you have already business account of facebook and instagram So you can give it’s link here Then choose the category here From which category your business is related Choose it from here And then in “About” type anything related to your business Then get back to catalogue, this is our second menu In it you can add you videos The thing you sale, you can sale digital book You can sale physical book Clothes, gadgets and anything you want sale on whatsapp Make your own collection And make your own store Trust me, with this catalogue My son Muhammad bilal I make the store to him bilaldates.com You can also visit it and I had made the video on it This is it’s link, if you want to see Then visit it. And many of you in this whatsapp business Touch with him And purchase products So here you could add products which you want It’s description, rate and detail you can add The process of adding product is very simple and easy Click on add new item

Take any image from gallery Give the name of item or product Give the name of item or product Give it’s price and description Then click on save And like this your collection made And from here you can share it to anyone You can share, forward and edit And second important thing you can’t add only products in it

You can sale anything in it You can add services You know editing and designing

Sewing, embroidery and anything you know Here as a product you can sale here

Physically and mentally both Now let’s go back, here the third option is Advertise on facebook The catalogue you made on whatsapp The services and products that you are selling  In very easy way advertise them on whatsapp By go to this menu

After all setting it take you on facebook Promote it there Now let’s go back next option is facebook and instagram Here’s what you can do with it In whatsapp the catalogue and categories you made The products that you are saling You can add whatsapp business on facebook and instagram So that even those who are on your Facebook and Instagram They easily come to your whatsapp With one click they check your whole collection Now let’s back the next option is short link In normal whatsapp you need to give your number And you need to visible it And here on your whatsapp business profile You create a URL Share it when and where you want You found a short URL As it is QR option is also available in it

1You can also make QR code Those who scan it come to your business profile And the next many messages tool are available here You make different type of templates You can make greeting messages Those who contact with you

Automatically this reply send to them And whose persons get this message New numbers and either old customer get this message And those who are available on your phone only They receive, you can set it here And next is away messages

If currently you are not on your whatsapp If you are busy on another work And you don’t have time to reply Want to do it later, so here you set it Set your schedule you can choose your customer type And you can type your message

Then get back almost all of you know about quick replies As soon as any customer contacts you A reply is automatically sent to your business profile Which is great for your business After that let’s go to Back here is the last option (labels name)

Here you can create as many categories as you want for your customers Who had shopped and who is pending Whose order you delivered Note that leasing is going on which them etc, make categories as you want So this is the business menu of whatsapp business So you have completely setup WhatsApp Business Created your catalog, Added your product services The product and services which’s catalog you made Of the one you want to promote Which you want to sale, copy the link first Then share this link in your WhatsApp groups on Facebook On your Instagram on Twitter wherever possible Share it If you go to the net and search category of your products So you found thousands of whatsapp group Join them and share your link their Go to the facebook you found thousands of links there

Join them and sales your products Many of your friends connected with many groups Ask them to share your link, by this way as much you share your link

As much you earn So work with properly And then patience Inshallah, you get good result Very cool thing try it is free of cost Without charges Nothing ads in it

Many people in Pakistan are respectable women sitting at home They are earning halal sustenance for themselves through this menu Here is nothing limit of anything Sale products as you want Physically and logically Provide your services

Do business as you want So if you want earn and sustenance Or women in home want to earn So install whatsapp business now Start using it and earn as you wish So that’s it in this video How you like this video Take care of you and remember me in prayer Allah Hafiz!









































































































































































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