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Various methods exist for generating income from your blog on the internet, including display advertisements, affiliate marketing, and numerous others. Regarding display adverts, it is widely acknowledged that Google Adsense is one of the most lucrative ad networks.

A lot of writers have been talking about Google AdSense rejection lately, which means that getting AdSense is now very hard.

The fact is that Adsense’s strict rules have made a lot of writers so angry that they have quit or are looking for other ad networks that pay much less.

Okay, I’m not here to talk about alternatives to Google AdSense or anything. I just want to tell you about a site that can get you an AdSense account approved in a few hours, even if you don’t have an article yet.

Are you shocked? Yes, it’s true, and I’ve been using the platform with Google AdSense that’s been accepted.

The site is called Yo.fan so you don’t have to waste your time.

Surely you want to know what I mean by Yofan. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything. Read all the way through.

Yo.fan: Easy ways to make money with yofan

By sharing good pictures and articles, Yo.fan, also known as Yofan, lets people make money with AdSense.

People can sign up for an account on this site, upload good articles or pictures, apply for AdSense, and make money that way.

You might want to know how. Don’t worry, you’ll get it all soon.

How To Create A Yo.fan Account

First, let’s talk about how to make an account.

Just type in Yo.fan and open it in your computer to make an account.

Go ahead and pick a username and email address. Your Niche is like your nickname. I think it should make sense.

Look in your email for a confirmation link, and click it. Add your cell phone number and make sure it’s correct.

Once you have a Yofan account, you can apply for Google AdSense and start posting stories and pictures.

How To Apply Or Link Adsense To Yofan

As soon as you make your yofan account, I think you should apply for AdSense right away or link any AdSense accounts you already have.

To sign up for Adsense, go to Adsense Sign Up and make sure all of your information is right. Then, go to yofan and copy your site’s URL. Paste it into Adsense after agreeing to their terms and conditions and clicking “Continue.”

They will look over your URL and give their approval in a few hours or days.

If you already have a Google AdSense account, all you have to do is click on “Add new domain” in your AdSense page. Copy the Yofan URL and put it into Adsense. Then, agree to their terms and conditions and move forward.

Note: Yofan will take 30% of any money you make from this, leaving you with 70%. If you’re okay with this, let’s go ahead with it.

Yo.fan Monetization Requirements

If you want to start showing ads and getting money with AdSense, you will need to meet their requirements.

These are the requirements:

1. Ten thousand page views

2. At least 30 materials, such as pictures or text.

Once you’ve done these two things, you can send your yofan account to be approved and connect it to your Adsense account that has already been accepted.

These are all easy to do since they are in the Yofan panel. It could take up to a few days for the account to be approved after you send it in for approval. You can also talk to their customer service to get it approved quickly.

You can start getting money from the platform once you’ve been approved.

How To Make Money With Yo.fan

Now that you know the steps and needs to set up a Yofan account and an Adsense account, let’s talk about how to make money with them.

To begin, this platform is very much like a personal blog. You can post content on it, and people will visit, see ads, and maybe click on some of them. This will earn you money.

For that reason, you need a lot of fans before you can make money with AdSense. That’s why they need 10,000 pageviews before they’ll pay you.

They think that if you can get 10,000 pageviews without much trouble, you must already have a lot of fans.

So, the first thing you need to do before you can start making money is to get a lot of followers, either naturally or through paid visits, etc.

Once you’ve been approved, keep sharing good content. Your followers will interact with it, which will make you money.

If you have a lot of fans on social media, your blog, your email list, etc. It’s easy to get them to this platform, keep them there with good, interesting information, and make money from it.

Yofan can make money in more than one way. Display ads from Google Adsense are one way, and partner links are another.

If you have a loyal audience, you can tell them about goods and services that will make them money and give you a bonus.

Can SEO Be Done On Yo.fan?

As I’ve already mentioned, this platform resembles a hybrid blog/website. This is because, just like a blog, you can upload content such as articles and images and earn money off of them. You may be wondering if it is possible to perform search engine optimisation on it in order to begin receiving traffic from search engines.

Yofan: a platform for SEO? Articles on yofan are not indexed by search engines.

To optimise a website for search engines, or SEO. Getting your website or blog to show up in the search engine results pages (SERPS) is what this refers to.

Therefore, SEO cannot be performed on such a platform because neither the articles nor the platform itself are indexed by Google and similar search engines.

Yofan content and Yofan itself cannot be optimised because they are not indexed by search engines. You must therefore direct all of your social media and blog traffic (as well as any paid or incentivized traffic you receive) to your yofan as followers.


As a blogger and you are finding it very hard to get your blog approved by Google Adsense, then I suggest that you stop wasting your traffic. Create a yofan account, and Adsense will approve it. Then redirect the traffic to the account and start making money while you wait for them to approve your main blog.

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